New Amsterdam, SCC, Stargate & a Happy Birthday

New_Amsterdam_01 What a busy week it’s been. I was in on an interview with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays the lead in the new FOX series “New Amsterdam.” You can read my interview here and my review of the show here. Sadly, FOX ran a conference call with Brian Austin Green of “Sarah Connor Chronicles” at the same time so my buddy Brian had to take that one and you can read all about it right here.

In addition to reviewing “New Amsterdam,” I also watched the season premiere of “Destination Truth” with host Josh Gates on a Yeti hunt! That article will be up on SFUniverse on Wednesday. Still to come, I’ve got a sneak peek look at “Stargate: Ark of Truth” which comes out on DVD March 11.

On Monday, Sean Wing from “Ten Inch Hero” guests on “Medium,” so don’t miss that — but get it on the DVR because it’s up against the season finale of “Sarah Connor Chronicles” and that’s going to be a lollapalooza.

I exchanged some emails with Peter Johnson, author of the “Supernatural” comics and exec producer of the series. He informs me that the trade paperback of Origins is ready to go and the Impala has been restored to the Winchesters from day one. As you’ll recall, there was a huge fan uprising after an earlier interview I did with Peter that resulted in changes being made to the comic books. He also let me know that the writers room is hard at work on the next four episodes and they were pretty close to having everything except the last episode ready to kick upstairs for approval.

And speaking of “Supernatural”, Jensen Ackles turned 30 on Saturday. We all wish him many happy returns of the day.

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