Alphabetical by last name

Ackles, Jensen (actor, Supernatural)

Alfieri, Victor (actor, Days of Our Lives, Persons Unknown)

Barash, Brandon (actor, General Hospital, Gilmore Girls)

Beaver, Jim (actor, Supernatural)

Brolin, James (actor, Lost City Raiders)

Carter, Sarah (Shark)

Cassidy, Shaun, David and Patrick (actors, producer)

Chibnall, Chris (writer, Torchwood)

Clarke, Noel (actor, Doctor Who; writer, Torchwood )

Cliche, Karen (actress, Flash Gordon)

Collins, Misha (actor, Supernatural)

Dekker, Thomas (actor, Sarah Connor Chronicles)

Denton, James (actor, Desperate Housewives)

Durance, Erica (actress, Smallville)

Echikunwoke, Megalyn (actress, Smallville)

Edlund, Ben (writer, Supernatural)

Elia, Nicholas (actor, Supernatural, Speed Racer)

Engvall, Bill and the cast of his series

Flanigan, Joe (actor, Stargate Atlantis)

Fillion, Nathan (actor, Castle, Firefly)

Frakes, Jonathan (actor, Star Trek: TNG, director, Leverage)

Gamble, Sara (writer, Supernatural)

GhostFacers (Supernatural)

Ghost Hunters (Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson)

Glau, Summer (actress, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly)

Graham, Katerina (actress, The Vampire Diaries)

Hartley, Justin (actor, Smallville)

Headey, Lena (actress, Sarah Connor Chronicles)

Johnson, Peter (comic writer, exec producer, Supernatural)

Kane, Christian (actor, Leverage, Angel)

Keeslar, Matt (actor, The Middleman)

Kripke, Eric (creator, Supernatural)

Levi, Zachary (actor, Chuck, Spiral the Movie)

Lindberg, Chad (actor, Supernatural)

McCoy, Sandra (actress, Cry Wolf, Supernatural)

Mikel, Liz (actor, Friday Night Lights)

Moore, Joel David (actor, director, Spiral the Movie)

Morris, Julian (Actor, Cry Wolf, Donkey Punch)

My Boys Cast

Oliver, Christian (actor, Speed Racer)

Osborne, Robert (Host TCM)

Padalecki, Jared (Supernatural, Gilmore Girls)

Regan, Bridget (actress, Legend of the Seeker)

Roberts, Shawn (actor, Diary of the Dead)

Ross, Marion (actress, Happy Days)

Smith, Kavan (Stargate Atlantis)

Somerhalder, Ian (actor, Lost City Raiders, The Vampire Diaries)

Stephens, Louanne (actor, Friday Night Lights)

Trucco, Michael (actor Battlestar Galactica, Revenge, Castle)

Wilkman, Jon (TCM’s Moguls & Movie Stars)

Yoo, Aaron (actor, 21)

* With a few exceptions, these are all one-on-one interviews. You will find additional interviews that were conducted as part of a press conference call on the website.