In Plain Sight and Over the Top

In_Plain_Sight_2 Feisty female, smart-aleck partner, dysfunctional family

Haven’t we been down this road before?

Last night USA Network pulled the wraps off their new series, “In Plain Sight.” The show stars Mary McCormack (“The West Wing”) as Mary Shannon, a US Marshal working in the witness protection program. Now, that’s a new twist. Though we’ve seen witness protection in the movies and as weekly plot points on “Law & Order,” I don’t remember a weekly series devoted to this theme. The show is also set in New Mexico, which gives us a different dynamic and landscape than most other cop shows on TV right now.

The trouble with “In Plain Sight” is that it’s trying too hard. Mary is the cliche cop on the edge. The one who disrespects everyone but expects to be respected herself and that bugs me. She has ‘oh so clever’ voice-overs and a nasty but witty comeback for everyone in her path. Her family is a mess, her love life is a mess and her boss looks like a character out of comedy, not a serious cop drama.

USA Network, here’s a hint; tone this girl down a little and I might actually watch the show every week.

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