Idol Sends "Shivers Down My Spine"

American Idol Now that’s how its supposed to be done!  For the first time in a long while, American Idol sent shivers down my spine in a good way.  It was Hollywood week and they changed the rules a little this time around.  First off, the pack was divided by for sures and second chancers.  Then the contestants were allowed to play an instrument when they sang — this was more of a gimmick for TV than any real help.  I bet it’s gone by next season.

Things moved at a nice pace and it wasn’t all the bad singers who were showcased.  There were some great one’s too.  And have you noticed how many Clay Akin-ish types they have this year.  Three boys off the top of my head, 1 truly nerdy and two that look like they’re 12 and they sing like angels. 

In general, I’m against anyone who tries to sing Bryan Adams or Queen because they can’t pull it off but two people managed it and I was impressed.  More than anything, I’m starting to feel attached to these people, like that sweet kid who lives in his car.  I was so scared they weren’t going to put him through.  He’s headed for a nervous breakdown but I really like him.  Idol did what it was supposed to, it made me fearful that my favorites would be cut tomorrow night.  Now that’s drama.

One Tree Hill is still on the DVR, along with the finale of Janice Dickinson and Stargate Atlantis from last Friday!  I’ve also got a review copy of the new series New Amsterdam sitting on my desk to review for SFUniverse, so keep watching out for that.

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