Idol-Garrett I’m a sucker for soulful puppy dog eyes on a guy.  It’s why I was madly in love with Shaun Cassidy as a teen.  Okay, maybe it was the hair, more than eyes.  Soulful, puppy-dog hair.  Whatever it is, Garrett Haley has it on American Idol.  Simon calls it haunted and I think that fits, but in my book that’s a compliment not a critique. 

Oh, and how much does this kid look like Leif Garrett?  So much so, Ryan and I both said it at the same time.  Of course, Danny looks like Jessica Alba and talk about eyes — did you catch that ‘oh no you didn’t’ waggle he gave Simon?  This kid is just too funny.  And then there’s the sweet and adoptable David Archuleta.  What’s with all these pretty boys on Idol this year!

On the ‘gotta go’ list – Jason Yeager – I had already forgotten about him by the time they showed the recap of performances.  Sweet voice but no star potential.  After that, Colton Berry – just nothing happening here.  Nice kid but he’s not going to make it to the top.

All in all, an interesting night, particularly because of the 60’s music choices, some of my favorite songs were in there. . . So happy together. . .

Tomorrow night it’s the girls and I’m not looking forward to it as much.  We shall see, we shall see.


I also knocked off several I’ve Got a Secrets off the DVR.  Why don’t they remake this show!  It’s so clever.  This week we had a glee club made up of people who, when they sang their last names, formed the words to “In the Good Ole Summertime”.  Then there was the woman who’s secret was that she had 7 kids and the 3-year-old in her lap was the OLDEST!  Yikes!  Dick Van Dyke dropped by to play a memory game, Carol Burnett played musical chairs with grown men in suits and some guy brought by the cutest little mini goats that he swears are found IN TREES in Africa.  I swear, this old game show is the highlight of my day.


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