Hasta La Vista, Replicators!

It was SciFi night in my house last night with a double feature of Terminator 2 and the latest edition of Stargate Atlantis.

I watched Terminator in order to get all my facts straight before the new series starts in a week.  Seems like “get in if you want to live” is a running thread in both movies and the TV show.  Always nice to see a little homage paid.

What I found really interesting about T2 is how much more vibrant and high-tech it is compared to the original.  Though much of the movie is cast in a blue hue, there are many more daytime action scenes and the CGI effects are still amazing by today’s standards.  Watching Robert Patrick split, twist and dissolve is still too cool for words.

Favorite line:  John tells Sarah that the cops have arrived.  She says, “how many?”  His response:  “All of them, I think.”  LOL.

That’s another thing I love about T-2, there’s so much more humor and it really ties the whole thing together.  From the strains of “Bad to the Bone” when Arnold first dons his duds to the lesson John delivers in English slang.  It’s a terrific movie and I can’t wait to see where the TV show takes it.

The next thing to go off my DVR was the Stargate Atlantis episode from Friday night.  I do love my Atlantis but am I getting a bit bored by the battle of the week.  I feel like I was watching a Star Wars movie when the Atlantians went up against the Wraith.  Great effects, super ships, some fun twists and turns but I watch Atlantis for the characters and not the battles.

Because I love the characters, I really adored the scene where Rodney tried to explain his plan in geek speak to the visiting Colonels.  Whenever Rodney got defensive, Sheppard stepped in with his patented, “Rodney”.  And instantly, Rodney obeys!  Ha!  There’s a slash story in there somewhere, I know there is. 

This is the episode where the team found out that Teyla was pregnant (I already knew!).  Ronan’s reaction was devastatingly poignant. And he took her hand!!!  Do we think Teyla is lying about who the baby daddy is?  She seemed a bit wishy washy in her answer.

Finally, I loved the whole “Fran” bit.  First McKay defending the point that she’s not human and do you cry over destroying a gun or a bomb?  She’s just a bomb in a nifty package.  But then he goes and names her.  And Sheppard grousing about “naming things”, it’s what the show does best — banter.

So that’s my night!  What’s on your DVR?

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