Going Back in Time. . .

s640x480 Yes, it’s another musical clue and this time it was dueling episodes of Supernatural and Torchwood.

On Supernatural, Sam and Dean are on the trail of a man who disappeared while visiting “The Mystery Spot”, one of those typical tourist attractions where the laws of physics don’t apply. And though the episode aired on Valentine’s Day, it should have aired a few weeks earlier on Groundhog Day because Sam was caught in a time loop to end all time loops.

It’s Tuesday again and again and again and to make matters worse, Dean dies at the end of every Tuesday just before Sam wakes up and does it all again.  Now, I was pretty spoiled coming into this episode so I had it all figured out in my head, but boy was I wrong.  I expected the show to start with Sam angsting over Dean’s death only to find out twenty minutes in that it was all going to happen all over again.  I knew the episode was going to go all Wylie Coyote by the middle but I didn’t expect the nail-biter that was the end.

Turns out Sam never had a chance to grieve for Dean as every death led directly to a wake-up call – Asia’s Heat of the Moment.  Loved Dean rocking out and the slice of life as the boys brushed their teeth and prepared for the day.  The banter in this episode was top notch – but how the actors remembered which slight variation they were on take after take was beyond me.  And when it came to synchronized sibling arguments — that blew me away.  Turns out our old friend The Trickster from Tall Tales was behind it all but his quick fix only makes things worse.

It’s Wednesday, and this time Dean is killed and Sam doesn’t wake up.  The montage that followed showed us a glimpse of Sammy turning into Daddy John complete with obsessive compulsive behaviors and a lonely lifestyle.  But did you have to show us him sewing up his own chest wound! (Shivers)

Sam without Dean is a sad sad sight and when the youngest Winchester agrees to murder the man who is like a father to him just to get his brother back. . .well, that’s more than even he can handle.  After some tremendous puppy dog-eyed pleading from Sam, Dean is returned but it’s a lesson learned.  Sam hugs Dean to within an inch of his life but the joy is short lived as the reality of the situation hits Sam hard.   Life without Dean is a given and it’s coming up very very soon unless Sammy can find a way to make a deal with the devil.


Torchwood-Cast-03 Over on BBC America (thanks to my DVR) was the Torchwood episode titled “To the Last Man.”  It’s wake-up day for Tommy, a soldier from WWI who’s been frozen by the team for use in the future.  Once a year they wake him up and he gets to spend the day with Tosh, walking, talking and having a beer.  But this year his number is up and it’s time for Tommy to do what he was meant to do all along — keep time from collapsing in on itself. 

The most fascinating thing about this episode is the scifi explanation for paranormal phenomena, ie ghosts.  Back in 1918, the hospital staff things they’re seeing apparitions when what they’re really seeing are people from the future coming through a rip in time.  It’s a fabulous concept to explain all things ghostly and yet the very idea rattles my brain.  Like John Connor sending his own father back in time to become his father, young Tommy must go back to meet his ownself in order to close the rip.  Logic would have it that once he does this, he will again be taken by the Torchwood team, but into frozen suspension until 2008 when he’ll wake up and do it all again.  It’s all very chicken or the egg and I think I prefer to believe in ghosts.  Easier on my brain.

You know what else was hard on my brain?  Watching Ianto and Jack in that liplock!  Lollapalooza!  Couldn’t think straight for a full two minutes after that one.  Hey, if Tosh can end up in bed with frozen soldier from the past, surely Ianto and Jack can have a game of stopwatch between the sheets!  Gimme gimme.

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