Gilmore Girls Complete Series on DVD Review

gilmoregirlscomplete.jpgLorelai: “Don’t let his family see you. Spiders are vindictive. And this was a really big spider. I think it had a gun.”

Jared Padalecki (Rory’s first love, Dean) once said that the main requirement for working on Gilmore Girls was the ability to talk fast. That’s because the average Gilmore Girls script is twice that of any other TV drama. But the real joy is what they manage to pack into that hour, creative characters, witty banter and more pop culture references than a game of Trivial Pursuit. So many pop culture references that there’s a 43-page booklet of “Gilmorisms” included in this DVD set.

It’s 153 episodes strong! It’s Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series Collection.

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