Ghostfacers Go Hollywood

If you’re a Supernatural fan, then you know all about the Ghostfacers whom Sam and Dean have run into a number of times in the past few years. Up until now, the Ghostfacers have always been caught in the shadow of the hunky haunting hunters, but now they’re striking out to make a bigger name for themselves by setting up shop in Hollywood, a place just bursting with ghosts.

From Rudolph Valentino’s Lady in Black to the Marilyn Monroe sightings at the Roosevelt Hotel, to the dozens of legends that surround the famous movie studios and old theaters in the city, there’s plenty to investigate in Tinseltown.

Harry and Ed celebrated their new venture with a posh party in Hollywood and all the Ghostfacers were there along with a couple of celebrity guests. After the party, they uploaded their very first Hollywood Ghostfacers episode where they begin, what could be, the most dangerous hunt of their lives. Appropriately, it takes place at an old theater and involves a pretty but dead, young starlet.

Meet the team at here then stay tuned to for 2 new installments every Thursday for the next four weeks.

Oh, and for those that prefer the company of the Winchester brothers, you’ll enjoy the music the Ghostfacers snagged for their opening though you may not like how the boys are treated by Harry and Ed.

Word to all you ghosts out there, “if you’re dead, you better stay dead,” because the Ghostfacers are coming for you.

Photos courtesy of CW/Warner Brothers.

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