Fourteen Men and a Baby

What do Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau and Zachary Levi all have in common?  They all talked to me this week — oh, and they all start on hit TV shows, too!  It’s been a crazy week so the DVR is really overloaded.  Time to start clearing.


Friday-Night-Lights-Gracie Friday Night Lights was the first thing to go.  Finally an episode that hooked me in.  I’m a huge fan of the show.  I’ve always been one of the loudest FNL cheerleaders but this season hasn’t been cutting it for me.  Maybe that’s why I liked this episode because it gave us back some of the status quo.

It was all about apologies with Smash finally listening to his mama, Coach realizing that he was wrong about Tim, Billy realizing his made a mistake tossing his baby brother out on his ear and it’s time for Shelley to go.  Sorry but, buh, by.

Loved Tim’s mature and manly reaction to Coach’s speech but boy was I yelling at the TV when he stole that money from crazy-drug-dealer guy.  The best of the best was when Coach Dickes tackled Riggins on the field and his subsequent confession (a heart breaker) but the real winner of the night was little Gracie Taylor.  How cute is that baby!


Celebrity-Apprentice-Pet Thanks to a bout of insomnia, I caught Celebrity Apprentice at three in the morning.  Once again, I was so impressed with the men’s team and so not impressed with the women.  And is there anything funnier than Omorosa blithely ignoring her teammates as they work through a spiritual bonding exercise?  It seemed like the women were doing the right thing by checking in with the client but not using Marilu Henner’s star power was a big mistake.  Over on the men’s side, the photography with Lennox was fabulous but Trace Adkins’ voice really sold it.  It was a fabulous commercial.  In the end it was Nadia Comaneci that was fired.  And it looks like next week Gene Simmons gets in touch with his feminine side.


Supermodel Bravo has a great new reality show called Make Me a Supermodel.  This one pits the guys against the girls in an all-out war for a modeling contract.  In the first challenge, the models were asked to look hot even though they were posing in 20 degree weather in the center of Times Square in NY.  And then there was a swimwear challenge where one female model refused to wear a thong.  Can you be modest and be a model?  Not according to Janice Dickinson.  Check out the show’s website for model blogs and to cast your vote on who stays and who goes.

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