Forget the theater, watch The Man From UNCLE movies at home

Long before those new guys claimed to be Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin,  the real men from U.N.C.L.E. made a couple of movies of their own. Now you can see Robert Vaughn and David McCallum like you’ve never seen them before when you stream the crystal clear, 1080p Digital HD, Man from U.N.C.L.E. movies.

These films might have started out as dual episodes from the series, but you won’t believe how James Bond they can get. Check out this trailer for One Spy Too Many featuring the lovely Yvonne Craig.

Wow. We never saw that on TV. Other great guest stars include Jack Palance and Joan Crawford,  Maurice Evans, Joan Blondell, Vera Miles, Herbert Lom, Jill Ireland, Carol Lynley, Kim Darby, Terry-Thomas, Dorothy Provine, James Doohan and Bond girl Luciana Paluzzi.

There are 8 movies in all and I can’t believe it. I knew about To Trap a Spy, One Spy too Many and The Spy with My Face. But now you can also see The Spy in the Green Hat, One of Our Spies is Missing, The Karate Killers and The Helicopter Spies.

You’ll find them all on Amazon or iTunes or you can buy the entire movie collection from Warner Archive.

I’m not the kid I was when I first enjoyed this show, so I’m looking forward to seeing these rare UNCLE flicks.

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