Fandom of the Month Club: September 2015 Unboxing

Fandom of the Month Percy JacksonUnboxing videos are one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube and I watch a lot of them. I get a vicarious thrill seeing all the cool stuff and the surprised faces as the YouTubers reverently reveal each item in the box. A couple of months ago, YouTube suggested that I watch a Fandom of the Month club unboxing video and that was my first introduction to this nifty subscription box service.

The box in the video was loaded with trinkets from Once Upon a Time. I’m not a fan of the show but I was impressed with the goodies so I subscribed in time to get the September box.

Going in to it, I knew that the box was mostly jewelry and I don’t wear jewelry so that seems like a dumb move on my part. But it’s fandom and there’s a cute, fannish drawstring bag in every box so I couldn’t resist.

The box arrived last week and I made the obligatory unboxing video which you can watch when you’re done reading this. The worst thing about the box was that I had no idea what fandom was being represented. I’m all for indoctrination into new fandoms but you gotta help me out by providing me with the name and some background info. Afterward, I used the clues in the box to search online and I found the fandom on the first try but that’s not the same as providing me with an explainer card in the box.

On the upside, the items were fun and well-made. I have no doubt that if you were a fan of this particular realm, you’d be jazzed by this Fandom of the Month Club box. If you like fannish jewelry, I highly recommend the service. It’s only $13 plus shipping per month which is a bargain considering what you get inside.

If you’re not a jewelry fan, I’m trying a different fandom subscription box next month. This one is Supernatural themed so I’m beyond excited. You’ll find this box and the Fandom of the Month Club on Cratejoy – my favorite website for subscription boxes.

Cratejoy – if you’re reading this; can you fix it so I only have to enter my credit card information once on your site instead of every time I order a new box. I’d be much more likely to try out different boxes if I didn’t have to dig out my credit card for each one.

Have you tried the Fandom of the Month club or any other fannish subscription box service? I’d love to hear about it. And if you have an unboxing video, link me!


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