Don’t Get Mad. Get Leverage.


Funny, clever, with just a touch of fantasy, Leverage is a weekly David and Goliath tale. But this time, David’s got much more than a slingshot. Modern-day David’s have the highly skilled team of thieves, grifters and hackers who comprise Leverage. They have a low tolerance level for crooked politicians and greedy corporations.

Executive producer Chris Downey says he got the idea for the series while he was sitting around in his garage drinking with partner John Rogers. “Which is not as sad as it sounds,” says Downey. “(We were) talking about how heist shows have been getting really grim and gritty and highly serialized, you miss half an episode and you’re lost. We talked about shows we liked: Rockford Files, The A Team, Mission Impossible. Why not do one of those?”

I talk with the cast of Leverage over at Read the whole story when you click here.

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