Derek Reese: Compassionate Commando

SC_Final_01 Still recovering from the season finale of Sarah Connor Chronicles so forgive me if I don’t make too much sense.  Let’s see, Derek took John to see his own self and John’s future father playing ball before Judgement Day arrived and Kyle and Derek became soldiers who met John and John then sent Kyle back to the past to become his own father and Derek to a more recent past to protect himself. . . my head hurts.

Okay, so you have to watch the show with a forgiving attitude but it’s still pretty cool.  Fox ran the final two episodes in one big bang and it was pretty action packed.  Loving how John’s character has evolved but mostly, I adore Derek.  Brain Austin Green is knocking this roll out of the park.  There was that fabulous moment where they’re all caught in a standoff.  Bad guy has a gun to John’s head, Derek has the gun to the little girls head.  She’s freaking so he leans down and whispers comforting words to her then stands straight up and blows the bad guy away.  That was mag!  I love that compassion and yet cold-hearted soldier all wrapped into one.  (Can you say Dean Winchester?)  Second favorite moment:

It’s your birthday, I’ll take you out for a beer.

I’m only 16.

I’ll take you out for ice cream, then.  (And he did, see pic.)

Works for me.  Please, Fox, please tell me we’ll have more Sarah Connor in the fall!

The CW has been kind enough to announce that Supernatural will be returning in the fall.  I kinda figured but it was nice to know. 

And now let’s talk Torchwood.  How bizarre was that episode, “Reset.”  It had this manic pace and it seemed like it was two episodes edited down into one.  I’ve never seen Ianto so chatty, Jack so happy, Owen so well adjusted — which is why it had such a killer ending.  Oh me oh, oh my oh.  Next week is gonna hurt.

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