Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Finale Picks

Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars comes to a close this week with a two-night finale that will surely be loaded with amazing guests, big surprises and of course, incredible dancing.

For the first time ever, the final three is made up of all female celebs but that’s okay, because they’re bringing along their sexy partners. Two of the three are previous winners, Shawn Johnson in Season 8 and Kelly Monaco back in Season 1.

The remaining contender, Melissa Rycroft only made it to third place in Season 8. Her partner, Tony Dovolani also peaked at third twice, so this win would be extra special for both of them. It’s also the reason I’m predicting they’ll take home the mirror ball trophy this year.

Melissa, known for her role on The Bachelor, came into the original competition as a late replacement for injured Nancy O’Dell. She only had a few days to come up to speed and then blew everyone away with her style and bubbly personality. Really, I want to dislike this sweet, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, but I can’t. She’s just too darling.

Initially, Melissa’s problem was getting past the nerves and putting on a show. She didn’t have experience getting into character for the performance part of the dances and it’s probably what kept her from winning in her first season.

This time, Melissa’s an old pro at this and she hasn’t let anything hold her back. Not even a visit to the emergency room. Only a few weeks ago, Melissa injured her neck while rehearsing a group dance. She was taken away by ambulance but came back to perform the next night.

As much as I like Melissa, I’m really rooting for Tony Dovolani. He seems like the nicest person, a hard worker and we’ve seen how much he gives not only to his partner but to the other dancers on the show. It seemed like he had a real shot at winning early on with Stacy Keibler, but since then, he’s been saddled with the worst partners. Kate Gosselin was a mess from day one. Martina Navratilova had no business taking the floor. Wendy Williams couldn’t get past the jokes. He was also given some of the oldest contestants including Jane Seymour, Susan Lucci and Kathy Ireland. Lovely women, all but the winner is usually someone who can handle the difficult tricks and has the stamina to blow out the freestyle in the final round.

To pull out a win, Melissa and Tony have to get past Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough. Traditionally, athletes like Shawn have done well but she and Derek are both battling injuries that could slow them down. Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy are the opposite. Instead of strength, they have the sexy market cornered and it could hurt them. Rumor has it, the two are now dating, but their chemistry on stage has gone from “electric” to “get a room.” They found love; they don’t need a mirror ball.

Tony is due for a win and nothing would be sweeter than to look on his and Melissa’s faces when Tom calls their name. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the pair of them.

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