CW Shows Hit Shelves: Arrow 2, Vampire Diaries 5, Reign 1

CW Shows on DVD
The CW has come a long way in a few years. They struggled to find their place with a mixture of shows that didn’t work all that well together. The 2011 schedule read like the diary of a pre-teen girl – 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and America’s Next Top Model. Even The Vampire Diaries felt girl when put up against Supernatural. But slowly, the schedule began to change. The CW took more chances – some worked and some didn’t. But with every show, they upped the ante – action instead of teen angst, sex over sweet. We were introduces to spies and witches, demons and superheroes, teens from space and from tomorrow.

Instead of hours and hours of girly programming, The CW found a balance between show girls like, boys like and even us grown-ups like. . . love, even. The CW now has bona fide hits. They may not get the highest ratings points, but they’re the most talked about shows on social media and the tie-in merchandise flies off the shelves. I imagine DVD sales are pretty good, too.

Last week we talked about the first two releases, Supernatural: The Complete Ninth Season and The Originals: The Complete First Season. This week, we have three more releases from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.

The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fifth Season

Stefan, Damon and Elena are still working the romantic triangle as they battle doppelgangers, witches and the mysterious Travelers. With high school behind them, Elena and Caroline take a stab at being normal college students but you can imagine how that turns out. Did I mention that one of Elena’s professors is a mad scientist who likes to experiment on vampires? Talk about a big bad for the season. How does it all turn out? If you haven’t already seen it, you’ll have to pick up this DVD set and find out.

Special features on this boxset include:

  • I Know What You Did… in the Last 100 Episodes: a look at the show’s 100th episode celebration
  • To The Other Side and Back and a Day in the Afterlife
  • Second Bite (Gag Reel)

Arrow: The Complete Second Season

It’s hard to believe Arrow’s only been on for two seasons because they’ve covered a lot of ground. One reason for this is the show’s pace. It’s relentless and it has some of the best stunt scenes I’ve seen on television.

The other reason, is Arrow’s dueling storylines; i.e. the island flashbacks and the current events. This season, we delved even deeper into both storylines and met up with some nifty new foes and friends; the League of Assassins, the Suicide Squad, Barry Allen (aka The Flash) and Deathstroke. We also got more Malcolm Merlyn, which made me very happy because I can’t get enough of John Barrowman.

This season also gave us a little peak into what could be a new relationship for Oliver and Felicity. Really, Oliver should know better. A superhero never gets to live happily ever after with the girl he loves.

Special features on this DVD include:

  • From Vigilante to Hero
  • How Did They Do That? The Visual Effects of Arrow – my personal favorite
  • Wirework: The Impossible Moves of Arrow – another favorite because I love watching the stunt team at work.
  • The 2013 Comic Con Panel, gag reel and deleted scenes.

Reign: The Complete First Season

This Tuesday, the first season of The CW’s sexy, historical drama will hit the streets. I didn’t see the show in the original run, so I’m excited to experience the series via marathon sessions with the DVD. Reign is about the teen years of Mary Stuart aka Mary Queen of Scots. It’s a beautifully produced show with amazing costumes and settings but the scripts aren’t exactly historically accurate. Once you set that expectation aside, you can revel in the scandal, the scheming and the sexual intrigue – all very PG-13. This isn’t HBO, you know.

Special Features on this DVD include:

  • Reign: The Making of a Queen – a look at how the show came to be.
  • The Authenticity of Reign: a behind the scenes look at the costumes and set design.

If you were a fan of Gossip Girl, give Reign a try. It’s the same kind of teen angst just with crowns and castles!

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