Current Girlfriends and Former Wives

One-Tree-Hill-Home I started watching early tonight so I could clear off this week’s episode of One Tree Hill.  “My Way Home is Through You” was both surprising (a visit with dad) and poignant (Jaime’s shrine to his daddy.) and it left me wanting to see what happens next week.  K-Fed was forgettable but not awful in the first episode of his series arc.  Peyton was totally right – no current girlfriend is that nice to her beau’s ex.  And boy did I Sookie my way through those Mouth moments.

First off, he is the only actor on the show who still looks fourteen.  I’m just having a hard time buying him as a grownup!  Jimmy Olson at the Daily Planet, maybe, but as a budding reporter — not even in Tree Hill.  And, oh please!  This whole routine of him kissing his boss and her transformation — what the heck was that?  Maybe I hit the fast forward button too fast and it was all just a dream.

MOONLIGHT At nine I tuned in for what is likely to be the last (sniff) episode of Moonlight for the season, if not forever.  I really love this show and tonight’s episode had some great twists.  What I didn’t like was Beth’s storyline, tracking down a woman she thought Josh was having an affair with?  No way.  I know that it’s realistic for her to be in a fog but as a viewer, watching her in a fog for forty minutes was just boring.  Thank heavens there were super vamps to keep my attention.  And like Mouth on One Tree Hill, I’m still not feeling Jason Dohring as Josef.  Love the character, wish he was being played by someone else.  Someone slicker, like Julian McMahon.

So Mick found the cure for vampirism and that left him helpless while Coraline was carted off by the evil uber-vamp.  Wow, even bruised and bleeding, Mick St. John is one sexy fellow.

Finally, it was another evening of Numb3rs.  Not as top notch as last week, a little muddled, but still one of my favorite shows.  The team was on the trail of a rapist who may or may not be a police officer.  Megan’s emotional hang-ups on this one were a bit over done.  The lady cop they brought in from Internal Affairs was too typically hard-nosed, and what was this storyline with everyone staying over at Charlie’s house?  Not one of their best so I hope it wasn’t the last new episode for the year.

Over on you’ll find my interview with Thomas Dekker from Sarah Connor and next week I’ve got Zachary Levi from Chuck talking about his new movie.  I hope you enjoy both interviews.

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