Country vs Heavy Metal

It was country music week on Dance War and since that’s my favorite kind of music, I truly loved it!  The adorable Taylor Swift performed her song, “Our Song” and that was a nice bonus.  Once again I was rooting for Bruno’s team but they had some pitch issues in Life is a Highway.  I did like the Boots Are Made for walking number, but my favorite was the opening number with the pool table and cues.  Did they say they only had one day to rehearse that number together?  Amazing.  Vote for Bruno because I adore him and Zach!

Heavy-Metal-05 After the country it was time for Heavy Metal — this week’s episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  First, I gotta laugh — how many heroes go out on a mission with their mothers?  Then again, on Heroes they do it with their dads, so I guess it’s the same thing.  I like the tension in this episode which was really very simple – track down and stop a Terminator from stockpiling the metal needed to create more Terminators in the future.  Cameron was not as robotic as last week and I’m really enjoying the scenes with Agent Ellison.  Those could be boring but I’m feeling this guy.  Mostly, I loved Thomas Dekker’s performance in this one.  It would be easy to play him as some punk kid who isn’t afraid of anything but he was so scared in the trunk and warehouse scenes – so disturbed by the killings he witnessed.  He had me holding my breath.  And we talk about the scene where he has to take the key off from around the Terminator’s neck!  That scene there is why I hate wax museums.  Tell me they aren’t going to move all you want, I’m still afraid they’re going to when I least expect it! 

More I’ve Got a Secret and What’s My Line last night with a guy who tried to hold his breath while underwater during the entire questioning session and a kid who can balance on one finger!  I wonder if he still can. . . someone needs to find that guy. . . maybe I should start DVRing these old game shows instead of staying up until four to watch them.  But then, they might not be as interesting if I watch them fully awake and with wide-open eyes.


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