Could This be the End for Rizzoli & Isles?

On the surface, Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles are about as different as any two women can be. Jane’s a tom boy with street smarts, Maura’s a girly girl with an encyclopedia of trivial knowledge in her brain. Yet these two are best friends and that’s because there is one thing that links them – their sense of justice.

Jane’s a cop and Maura’s a medical examiner but they both work very hard at getting justice for the victims they encounter week after week. But sometimes, like in the final episode of Season Two, family and loyalty get in the way.

In “Burning Down the House,” Maura’s estranged father, mobster Paddy Doyle, showed up in the nick of time to save her from being a killer’s next victim. Good for him, only Doyle is a criminal, too with lots of secrets so he doesn’t immediately stand down when Jane and the cavalry show up.

Doyle shoots, Jane returns fire and Doyle falls — probably to his death. Jane was doing her job, he was a dangerous man with a gun, but Maura doesn’t see it that way. She orders Jane to get away and it’s clear that this isn’t something she’s going to get over soon. . . or ever.

On Tuesday, June 5 at 9:00, Rizzoli & Isles returns to TNT and we’ll finally see the aftermath of the shooting. I think Maura’s going to expect Jane to say she was wrong to shoot Doyle, but there’s no way Jane will ever say that. She’ll feel bad for Maura, but she’s a cop and she really had no choice. Doyle could have killed her and her partners. He was only interested in saving Maura and we know from his past actions that he’s not concerned about folks who aren’t family.

I think Jane will remain steadfast, even if it means losing her best friend but Maura will come around in the end. She’s the rational one, and once she has time to grieve, she’ll realize that Jane did what she had to do. In real time, that could take awhile, but this is TV, so I hope Maura comes around soon because Rizzoli & Isles isn’t the same when the ladies aren’t talking.

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