Coming Soon: Supernatural Action Heads from Warriors Gate

Plenty of demons have thought about having Sam and Dean Winchester’s head on a platter – now you can have that, too!

Warriors Gate is in production on a series of action figure heads from Supernatural. Don’t know why, but Castiel is up first. He’ll be available this Spring. Here’s a photo of his sculpt.

Bobby, aka Jim Beaver, will also be released this Spring.

Still in the works, Dean and Sam, aka Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. The website says they’ll also be out the first half of this year, but there are no images yet.

If you’re a classic TV horror fan, check out the excellent sculpt of Darren McGavin from Night Stalker. They even have a cool accessory set that includes a 70’s camera and holy water jars.

Nice work guys. Can’t wait to see how the boys turn out.

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