Classic TV Talk: Tarzan Swings on DVD & The Hub Learns the Facts of Life

There’s no lack of good shows to watch on TV today, but we can all benefit from a little blast from the past now and again.

This week, Warner Archive released Ron Ely’s TV series Tarzan on DVD.

I was a huge fan of the show during its first run. For me, it was all about the relationship between Tarzan and Jai. The episode where the social worker wants to take him away. . . yikes. I cried for a week.

The series also got high marks for action. From the jungle drum opening to the battles between man and nature and of course, plenty of danger from man himself, this show never fails to thrill.

Since there are a whopping 31 episodes in the first season, Warner Archive has it packed at two volumes. Both are available now at the WB Store. While you’re there, listen to the WB podcast with Ron Ely himself! You’ll find the link in the DVD write-up.

You’ll also find a sample clip on the site. Forget the quality you see on YouTube. Warner has remastered these episodes and they look amazing.

In other news, The Hub network is adding three new-old sitcoms to their line-up in April. The Facts of Lift, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Mork and Mindy. (Hey, that’s two Mindy’s in one night.)

The shows will air Monday through Thursday starting at 9:00 pm and they’ll be rerun during the overnight hours.




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