Chuck Chases a Fish, and Smash Steps Up

Friday-Night-Lights-Smash Finally finished up last week’s Friday Night Lights episode, “Leave No Man Behind” and wow.  A month ago, I was ready to give up on this show and that’s saying a lot, since I was one of its biggest supporters during the first season.  But the show I knew and loved returned this week and with it the Friday Night Waterworks.  Yes, indeedy, when the producers can make me cry over Smash, then that’s really something to talk about.

Poor Smash went from football hero to a young man with no future in the space of a few days and it was all so realistic.  Not that I think fighting is a good way to solve problems, but when those boys at the movie theater started mouthing off to Smash’s baby sister. . . well, they got what they deserved.  Now Smash is suffering the consequences with a game suspension and the rescinding of his college scholarships.  It’s terrible to see how much pressure these kids are under to perform, to act wise and mature beyond their age — but that’s what Smash did.  He set aside his own feelings and he went in and gave his team the speech of a lifetime.  Another truly marvelous FNL moment.

Then there was a drunken Matt crying to Coach about how everyone leaves him.  His dad, Julie, even Coach left him.  (That hurt).  And how much did I adore Grandmom telling Coach, I think Matt needs you.  She’s sharper than she appears, that old gal.  Truly an underrated actress. 


Chuck-Cast Also polished off the final Chuck episode, Chuck vs. The Marlin.  An excellent episode that makes a nice season ender (if need be).  A “button button” episode that has both a ring and a fish going from one person to the other with Chuck in hot pursuit.  The image of the empty Buy More was quite a site to behold and who is the stunt coordinator on this show!  The fight scenes have that perfect mix of James Bond over-the-topness, with the flair of the WWE.  These guys really knock it out of the park because their supporting characters are just as funny and talented as the main cast!  And I swear Morgan actually waited on me at the Best Buy last week.  Chuck and his sister – oh so sweet.  I love my TV siblings.  Did you read my interview with Zachary Levi?  You’ll find it

right HERE.


Supermodel-Naked-Art Lastly, there was a new edition of Make Me a Supermodel with one of the most fabulous looking photo shoots.  So very Gossip Girl meets Vogue.  I may have said it before, but I’ll say it again.  How is Ben going to go back to being a prison guard in a small Southern town after he’s been seen on national TV hanging on a gay guy, dressed in fetish gear, and posing nude for an art class.  This guy better win, otherwise his life is over!  Best bet?  Perry’s got supermodel written all over him.

Quick note – watched and loved Eli Stone.  I want to do a full review on that one so keep watching the site for more on that!


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