Christian Oliver Gets Absurd

Christian_Oliver Christian Oliver is known to many women as Luca from the Babysitter’s Club but soon, the world will come to know him as Snake Oiler — arch rival of Speed Racer in the new movie from the Wachowski brothers. I spent a little time with Christian talking about Speed, his movie aspirations and his role in the upcoming Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie. You can read that part of the interview at Crave Online. But first, Christian took time out to answer The Absurd!

What is something that you have kept since you were a child?

(After waffling a moment about admitting that he had such an item. . . )

A little bunny, my soccer mascot, that I grew up with and he wore always the soccer jersey of my favorite team. And I think, everywhere that little bunny was I was. Maybe explains the Playboy Bunny infatuation that I have now.

What is a talent that you wish you had?

Singing. I think that’s sexy. I sing in the shower, but like really being able to do it. I mean, I think it’s amazing.

You’ve got $200 to go to Best Buy, what are you gonna buy?

What do you do with $200 at Best Buy? Buy a bunch of DVD’s, probably right? Best Buy… 200 bucks… buy a lot of candy! Yeah! DVD’s and candy! I need a little more to spend at Best Buy. I can go crazy at Best Buy for sure.

What is something that people would never suspect about you?

Never suspect? Hmm. I don’t know… that I would have rather been a soccer player? Would have been a professional athlete; that I would have done anything to become a professional athlete. I admire those guys. But then again, I’m so happy being an actor.

Captain Kirk versus Captain Jack Sparrow?

Oh wow. Definitely Jack Sparrow. For sure! Love him! That guy has way too much fun. I’d like to sail the seven seas with that man. I’m sure… it would be a helluva ride. For sure.

Read my full interview with Christian at CraveOnline.

Catch Christian Oliver in Speed Racer which hits theaters everywhere on May 9

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