Chad Lindberg Gets Absurd

Chad Lindberg (Ash from Supernatural) is guest starring on tonight’s episode of NBC’s The Cape. In order to promote the show and a new DVD release, Chad made the press rounds last week and when he got here agreed to try something a little different. So here we have, an “Absurd” interview with Chad Lindberg.

I first saw you on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so let’s go girl on girl here – Buffy vs The Cape’s Orwell (Summer Glau).

Chad: Orwell. Buffy was my very first job when I moved here to Los Angeles, for that I’m very grateful and Sarah Michelle Gellar was very kind, but I think Orwell is sexier than Buffy.

Do you share any scenes with Summer in your episode of The Cape?

Chad: I have a scene with Summer and with David Lyons, who is very sweet and down to earth, couldn’t be a nicer guy and Pruitt Taylor Vince, who plays the other assassin hired by Fleming played by James Frain. I think he’s a great actor. And that voice of his!

Who is a fictional character that you’d like to go drinking with?

Chad: Let me think about that for a second. Hmm, can it be one of my own characters because I’d go with Ash from Supernatural. He’s a beer drinker and he’d probably put me under the table. And he’d probably want to fight me. Let’s work it out. Ash would be fun to have a drink with.

After all that drinking, you’ve had a nervous breakdown. Where are you going to recuperate?

Chad: A nice peaceful location, a cabin out in the middle of nowhere where there is nothing around but a lake and trees and no internet.

Would you survive very long without the internet?

Chad: I love the internet, who doesn’t love the internet these days? It’s hard to remember that we didn’t have the internet  — even when I first came to LA. My roommates and I had one computer and it was like a dinosaur. Now, it’s so funny, you walk around and everyone is on their phones and they’re watching TV. It’s like what did we do before this stuff?

We used to read books.

Chad: Now we read them on our phone.

You Twitter. Do you ever think, man, this was a bad idea?

Chad: There’s caution involved. If you’re in a bad mood you gotta err on the side of caution. I Twitter to reach out to my fans, to let them know what’s happening, the occasional joke. There are times when someone will say something to me and I’ll get riled up and call people out a little bit and I have to check myself. It’s so easy, but then it’s out there. It’s interesting when you see that by the tip of your fingertips you could put something out there really damaging.

And you know Twitter. Once you say something it spreads like wildfire.

Chad: It’s crazy. I’ll Tweet something about The Cape, a new detail and 30 websites say Chad Lindberg tweeted. That cracks me up. But it’s a powerful tool and one of the tools that got me back on Supernatural. They killed me off on season two, but I did all these conventions afterwards and gained a lot of fans. The fans made petitions and videos and wrote letters to Eric Kripke and he heard the noise and they brought me back. It shows you the power of the web and the fandom.

Well, that’s the good thing about Supernatural, dead isn’t dead.

Chad: It’s true. In season five I’m talking to the boys saying you’ve died more than anyone I’ve ever met and I think it was an inside joke.

Personally, that whole thing about Ash dying and being ID’d by his watch was suspicious. I thought it was a clue and he was really still alive.

Chad: I know, I always thought Ash was a little smarter than that. He would have known what was coming but still didn’t make it out of the roadhouse in time. He shouldn’t have had that last beer. But now I’m in heaven and I’m hoping that they’ll bring him back maybe to help out Castiel, which I think would be hilarious. They wouldn’t know what to do with each other.

What does Ash keep hidden in his secret lair?

Chad: Everything is going on in there, his computers, his toys, it’s also a little bit of a love den. Ash likes female companionship. Lots of cans of beer laying around, his clothes are strewn about, as we know, he liked to work in the nude. He’s a karma sutra man, an eccentric fellow.

If you were Charlie who would be your angels?

Chad: Tough questions, I don’t know. I’ll come back to that one.

What’s something you’ve kept since you were a kid?

Chad: My mom has all that kind of stuff at home, a little blanket that I couldn’t go to sleep without, a few stuffed animals, that’s what mom’s house is for. She keeps all that stuff. She didn’t hang on to everything, but there are a few things that signify important times in your life. They’re in a box in the closet and you don’t look at it but there’re still there.

What I do regret not having any more that I had as a kid was all the Star Wars figurines that I sold at a garage sale when I was younger and man, I had them all, the classics.

What’s something you’ve done that  you will never do again?

Chad: When I was younger, some friends were going cliff jumping into the water and I’m deathly afraid of heights. It was a really big jump and a couple of people went before me. I did it and I barely cleared the rocks. When I got back, I was like, what was I thinking! If I climb up high somewhere my knees start to shake! So, I’d say, jumping off a cliff into water.

Last chance to answer the Charlie’s Angels question.

Chad: Let’s say Castiel. And let’s go with actresses I respect, not that they would be an angel in Charlie’s Angels but Chloë Sevigny and Anne Hathaway.

Works for me.

Catch Chad Lindberg on The Cape tonight, February 7 at 9:00 on NBC. You can also follow him on Twitter.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, Chad will be signing copies of his the new I Spit on Your Grave DVD release at Dark Delicacies. Here are the details:

WHEN: Tuesday, February 8th, 7:00pm

WHERE: Dark Delicacies Bookstore

3512 W. Magnolia Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91505

(818) 556-6660

WHO: Director Steven R. Monroe (2010); Producer Lisa Hansen (2010); Executive Producer (2010) and Writer/Director (1978) Meir Zarchi; 2010 Stars Jeff Branson, Sarah Butler, Rodney Eastman, Daniel Franzese and Chad Lindberg

DETAILS: Fans must purchase I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE DVD or Blu-ray at Dark Delicacies for signing. One additional item will be signed at celebrities’ discretion.

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