Bursting at the Seams

My DVR is simply bursting at the seams and that’s prior to the end of the writers strike! Yikes. I’m in trouble. First up tonight was the Food Network Chocolate Landmark Challenge from Sunday. The Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, St Basil’s and the Statue of Liberty were all created out of chocolate and my heart could barely stand the strain. These competitions are stressful for me to watch! I can’t imagine being one of the contestants.

Next up was Dance War — the second to the last episode and finally my team won! Go Bruno. I was even more enamored with Team Bruno after the segment where they visited some people with Down’s Syndrome. What a lovely way to share their talents. It was Latin night on the show and I’m still amazed by how Zach puts a lid on his charisma. It seriously weird. He’s so charming on stage when he’s singing and dancing but as soon as he has to up the sex appeal, he falls apart. Next week is the finale already. Sadly, I won’t miss the show much, it’s been a disappointment overall.

The big show of the night was The Sarah Connor Chronicles and you can read my write-up in my TV Review section or you could just click HERE.

Finally, a shout out to my Aussie friends who are playing host to Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles right now. Jensen appeared on their comedy series Good News Week and I’ve never seen him have so much fun. Check out this clip from the “Are you Dumber Than a Fifth Grader” bonus round:

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