Brandon Barash Gets Absurd

An “Absurd” Interview with General Hospital star Brandon Barash

Last week I spent a little time chatting with General Hospital’s newest heartthrob, Brandon Barash who plays Johnny Zacchara on the long running soap. Brandon is also known as Paris’ boyfriend on “Gilmore Girls” and coincidentally, he and I worked on the indie movie “Ten Inch Hero.” (His handsome face was on camera, while I was completely behind.)

Still a little awed by the fan response to his new role, Brandon answered questions from the fans and talked about music, acting and his passions in life. And of course, he had to answer my “Absurd” questions.

What have you kept since you were a kid?

Brandon: It has to be my largely overactive imagination and my tiny attention span. And friends in all ages and stages.

What is a talent you wish you had?

Brandon: I wish I could tap dance and play the piano like Billy Joel. You watch Sammy Davis and he’s a brilliant talent, Gregory Hines, look at the work he’s done. Fantastic. It’s all about being a well-rounded performer. I am just in awe of watching people when they do that.

You have $200 to spend at Best Buy, what are you going to buy?

Brandon: I would buy a new pair of noise reduction headphones because I just broke mine at the gym. And then the leftover, like $50-$70, would be on various CDs and DVDs.

Captain Kirk VS Captain Jack Sparrow.

Brandon: I’m gonna take that in a fight and I’m gonna go with Captain Kirk. Simply because he can transport himself back to Denny Crane if he’s not winning in the duel.

You know I’m not really a Star Trek fan, but I am in awe of William Shatner and his work, especially on Boston Legal. So that’s how I came to my answer. He’s brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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