Box Set Saturday: Wizards, San Fran and a Mad Monster Party

Mad Monster Party DVDBack in December of 2011, we started a tradition called Box Set Saturday and we’ve barely missed a Saturday since. (Though I’ve been horribly lax about writing up our weekly marathons.)

Box Set Saturday is a chance to catch up on all of the TV on DVD box sets that we never finished watching or hadn’t watched in a long time. Every so often a new movie on DVD sneaks in there too, but mostly it’s a night for long lost TV.

So, after a year break, I’m back to writing about our Saturday schedule with the hope that it will inspire you to try something new. Break out of the same old TV rut and join us.

This week we had time for two TV shows and a some very special features.

We began the night with my newly acquired copy of Mad Monster Party. This Rankin-Bass musical horror movie was one of my favorites when I was a child. It was hard to come by for a long while and frankly, I can’t understand why I didn’t buy it on DVD sooner. We had planned on watching the movie but ended up running through the special features instead.

There are only three and they’re short but I learned a lot about how Rankin-Bass made those amazing, ani-magic movies. Did you know that almost all of the male voices in the movie were voiced by one actor!?

WizardsAndWarriors DVDFrom there we moved on Wizards and Warriors, the 1983 TV series that had nothing at all to do with the video game of the same name. The series starred Jeff Conaway as the wholesome Prince Erik Greystone who is determined to save the kingdom of his betrothed (the hilarious Julia Duffy) from the menacing but sexy Dirk Blackpool (Duncan Regehr).

I love this show but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not top notch TV. First off, the show suffers from an identity crisis. It can’t decide if it’s a parody, a serious fantasy or a straight out comedy. Because of this, Conaway’s lines in particular just end up sounding silly. I can forgive him, because Duncan is marvelous as is Duffy and most of the supporting cast.

We watched the second episode on the DVD “The Kidnap” but clearly it’s the pilot episode with some fancy editing and voice overs to make it fit in the second spot. Highlight of the ep? The hot and heavy between Blackpool and the witch Bethel (Randi Brooks)

Trivia time: Before Tim Dunigan was cast as Blackpool’s younger brother, he starred in the pilot of a show that went on much longer without him. Can you name that 80’s show?

Streets Of San Francisco Season 2 DVDOur final choice for the night was The Streets of San Francisco: Season 2, Vol. 2.

The episode was “Winterkill” which excited my husband because it started two Irwin Allen actors (Paul Fix and Linden Chiles) but it was a little too depressing for me. Paul Fix plays a senior citizen who turns to robbery to help his senior friends get by. But when his friend needs a 10,000 operation, Fix ups his game to bombing and extortion. It’s beautifully written if somewhat unbelievable as they stop each of three bombs with only minutes left on the clock. Streets of San Francisco never disappoints but I do wish they’d spend more time with Steve and Mike and less with the guests of the week.

So that was our Box Set Saturday. Did you watch any TV on DVD this week? Tell me about it in the comment box below.

Answer: Tim Dunigan was the original Face on The A-Team. You’ll see him the pilot episode but after that the role went to Dirk Benedict for the rest of the run.

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