Box Set Saturday Begins

We collect TV on DVD. Box sets are a dream come true that dates back to my childhood. I used to sit in front of the TV watching Rat Patrol and Here Come the Brides and Dark Shadows and wish I could keep the episodes to watch over and over again.

Back then, I audio taped episodes with a Sears cassette recorder parked in front of the TV. Then VHS was born and I began collecting first run episodes of my favorite shows. But when it came to older shows, I was stuck with the viciously cut, often fuzzy, syndicated versions and that simply didn’t work.

Then DVDs came into this world and the box set was born. I wish I could remember the first set I purchased. I’m sure it was expensive and exciting. I know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the first show I bought every year – making it my first complete set. For my husband, it was Lost in Space.

Since then, we’ve filled our shelves with box sets and we buy a dozen or more every year. Funny thing about all those shows, is that we still have a tendency to watch the same DVDs over and over when we aren’t watching TV.

The solution? Box Set Saturday. Since there’s very little new TV on Saturday nights, and since we rarely leave the house, we’ve made it our night for DVD watching. But not just any DVDs. The point is to pull a box set (and sometimes a movie) off the shelf that we haven’t seen or rarely seen since we bought it.

We started a few weeks ago with Wild Wild West. I got the full series set (in a cool collector box) for Christmas some years ago and we’ve only watched a handful of the episodes. We chose an early Doctor Loveless episode, “Night of the Whirring Death” which was penned by Jackson Gillis who wrote many of our favorite Lost in Space episodes.

Since then, we’ve put on Barnaby Jones, Twilight Zone and Yellow Rose. What box set will we crack open this week? Stay tuned and find out. And if you decide to join us in this quest, let me know what box set you watched in the comments below.

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