Box Set Saturday: Baywatch and Bullwinkle

It’s cold and rainy here in Southern California, but on Baywatch, it’s always warm and sunny. We started Box Set Saturday with an episode from the new Season One DVD I got for my birthday. The real Season One, not the one NBC released in 2006 — that’s the syndicated first season, but the real first season which you can only get from Australia.

The big difference is that guy sitting down there in the sand. That’s Parker Stevenson from Hardy Boys and one of my current obsessions.

The episode we chose was called “Heat Wave.” It’s the hottest day of the year, the beaches are full of crazy people and Mitch (David Hasselhoff) is short handed. Meanwhile, Craig (Parker Stevenson) gets an ultimatum from his boss, be a lawyer or a lifeguard. A silly start ends with a suspenseful rescue when two kids get caught in a flooded storm drain.

Now, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. . .

My husband’s choice for box set night was Rocky and Bullwinkle: Season Three.

This classic cartoon may look like it was made for kids, but only grownups will get a large number of the jokes. In the main story, “Missouri Mish Mash,” Rocky accompanies Bullwinkle on a trip to a moose convention. They run into Boris and Natasha along the way, but after a knock on the head, Boris becomes a good guy.

Good, right? Not so. Because Fearless Leader has ordered Boris to keep Bullwinkle safe and Boris is determined to do the opposite of what he’s told — which means killing Bullwinkle for his own good. Yes, that’s Jay Ward logic.

We also got a dose of “Fractured Fairy Tales,” “Aesop and Son,” and “Mr. Peabody’s Improbable History.” Peabody is my favorite and I loved seeing him help Calamity Jane live up to her namesake and Beethoven give up cooking in favor of composing.

Since we got an early start this week, we also had time to pluck a movie from our complete Abbott and Costello set. Who Done It? features the boys as a pair of soda jerks who want to write mysteries for the radio. When the head of the radio station is murdered, the boys become suspects and the chase begins.

Who Done It? is a little more slapstick than some of their movies, very Three Stooges but it’s a clever plot. It also stars a very young Mary Wickes (Sister Act), Don Porter (Gidget) and the lovely Louise Allbritton who has a gorgeous wardrobe!

Next Saturday is Christmas Eve so we’ll have to shift our viewing to Friday night. I’m thinking we can pull out some holiday episodes from shows like Here Come the Brides and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Till then, happy holidays to you!




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