Binge Watch for December : A Ticking Clock, Gamers and Jason Momoa

I know what you’re thinking, it’s the holidays! I don’t have time to binge watch a TV show right now. You feel like the clock is ticking and you’re running out of time to get it all done. I get it, but you know who has it way worse – Jack Bauer. He’s literally up against a ticking clock and if he doesn’t get it done it won’t be a shortage of presents or one less cake on Christmas Eve. If Jack doesn’t get it done on time, it means mass destruction, loss of lives, a declaration of war – yeah, it’s rough when you only have 24 hours to save the world.

 In December, you can watch all 9 seasons of 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland. When the series bowed in 2001, it was a totally new concept in television: an action series that unfolds in real time. That means that every episode is one hour of the worst day of Jack Bauer’s life. The ticking clock at each commercial break ratchets up the tension as Jack battles terrorists, co-workers, turncoats and the occasional love interest.

The series is at its best in the first few seasons when the concept was new and fresh. After 3 seasons you begin to wonder about the timeline. You can’t drive from Burbank to LAX in an hour with Los Angeles traffic, but Jack manages to get an awful lot done in just 60 minutes. Talk about Getting Things Done!

Be forewarned, 24 does get very intense at times and contains scenes that may be upsetting for some viewers. But, if you love a good action movie, you will enjoy the fast pace and endless twists that make 24 such an engaging, wild ride.

If 24 isn’t exciting enough for you, imagine watching 80’s teens play arcade games for prizes on national television! We’re talking Pac-Man, Burger Time, Donkey Kong! And if that wasn’t enough, there’s videogame trivia and the latest in video game news. It’s Starcade, the 1980’s version of a Twitch stream and it’s streaming free on Shout Factory TV.

This series will either bring back fond memories of entire days wasted at the mall (not to mention the roll of quarters) or it will make you wonder why people couldn’t beat these simplistic games in ten minutes. So maybe you can beat the pants off Johnny in Kingdom Hearts but can you answer this question: “In ‘Qix’, what can you accidentally draw yourself into?”

I’ll reveal the correct answer at the end.

 My final pic for this month is an homage to a swell guy who is getting a lot of press these days, Jason Momoa aka Aquaman. This isn’t Jason’s first time underwater. I know him best from Stargate Atlantis. I got to interview Jason when the show was all shiny and new. He was funny, boyish, candid and a little shy. Yes, that big guy with the bigger eyes and the even bigger muscles was shy about talking to reporters. I suspect he’s gotten used to it by now.

 On Stargate Atlantis, Jason played the strong and surly Ronan Dex. An alien (by human standards) who spent most of his life being hunted for sport by the series villains The Wraith.

 Of all the Stargates, Atlantis is my favorite. I love the characters, the gorgeous art deco space setting, the action, and the humor. And don’t worry, if you’ve never seen any of the Stargate franchises, you can jump right in with Atlantis, you’ll be up to speed in no time.

 You can binge watch all five seasons of Stargate Atlantis right now on Amazon Prime.

 Let’s wrap this up with the answer to the Starcade trivia question: “In ‘Qix’, what can you accidentally draw yourself into?” The answer is “spiral death trap”.

And if you knew the answer, you play too many video games. Stop playing now and watch some TV.

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