Being Human: The Complete Second Season on DVD

being human the complete second seasonBeing Human is Syfy’s re-imagining of the popular UK series with the same name. From a character standpoint, the two versions of the show are very similar, but there are enough differences plot and style wise that you can watch and enjoy both the UK and US version.

The story revolves around three paranormal creatures who live together in a house in Boston. Sam Witwer (Smallville) is Aiden the vampire, Meaghan Rath is Sally the ghost and Sam Huntington is Josh the werewolf. These three powerful beings could revel in their uniqueness, instead they wish to be human and they try as hard as they can to lead a normal life. Yeah, good luck with that. Being human is hard enough for us humans to pull off.

The US version of the series is darker in a sad and lonely way. There are a few humorous scenes but they don’t play into the comic irony of the UK series.

I do think the writers and actors found their voice in this second season which resulted in stronger episodes and better character development.

This Second Season DVD has 13 episodes and three special features.

“Season 2 Making of” Featurette

This featurette spends a good amount of time discussing each character and the issues they faced in the season. It was a little too much talk for my liking. I prefer to see more behind the scenes footage in a featurette but that’s just me.

“Being Human Problems”

This is another, shorter look at the characters and their issues.

“Being Human at San Diego Comic Con 2012”

This is a great feature for any Being Human fan. It’s almost an hour long and it’s fun to see the actors interacting with each other and the fans. Comic Con panels are always amazing and I wish more studios would include them in future DVD releases.

Overall, Being Human: The Complete Second Season looks great and sounds great. It’s a little light on extras but if you’re a fan of the show, you’ll want to pick it up and relive the entire season.

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