Are you still following The Following?

tf_03-3shot_0413-v5_A_hires2I’ve been following The Following since the beginning and I’m amazed at how they’ve managed to continue the story will all new crazy killers and demented followers of such. I thought Joe Carroll was a super villain but split personality Mark is even better!

Here’s the interesting thing about The Following. It always seems like the episode is going to be gory and gruesome (not my thing) but it usually ends up more horrific and suspenseful (more my thing). I will admit that I was tempted to walk away during the last week’s scenes with the cop in the box but I stuck it out. I had nightmares, but I stuck it out.

What I love best about The Following is the way the writers play the cliche, make you think it’s not the cliche then think. . . wait.. . that’s what they want me to think so it’s going to go the way I expected at the beginning. 50% of the time you’re wrong. Take the prostitute and the young couple in the first episode of the season. She’s the killer. . .no, they’re the killer luring her in with their pretend naivete. The only thing you can be sure of is that someone is going to get it and it’s not going to be pretty.

How many of you thought they were going to arrive in time to save Jeff? Raise your hands.

The Following NewBloodThe big thread for the new season is the coverup over Mike’s shooting of Lily Gray. I know, as an officer of the law, he was supposed to arrest her not kill her but come on. If he had arrested her, would that have kept Mark from going on his revenge rampage? I doubt it. Ryan, Mike, Max and everyone around them became doomed the moment Joe Carroll was born.

Which takes us to our new friend Andrew Sharp played by Michael Irby. Love that he’s not a follower of Joe’s but a disciple of Strauss’. And the way he turns the tears on and off is, dare I say, killer?

I also like Mark’s hench-couple. It’s saying something when even the spree killers you’ve recruited are afraid of you. But then, that’s life on The Following. Looks like it’s going to be another fast-paced, backstabbing, revenge-fueled season!

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