Archive Audio: Torchwood Showrunner Chris Chibnall from 2007

torchwoodBack in 2007, Torchwood, the Doctor Who spin-off series was just about to bow here in the US. Showrunner Chris Chibnall and actor / writer Noel Clarke flew across the Atlantic to great what they thought would be a small gathering of curious fans.

What they actually walked in to, was a standing room only crowd who couldn’t wait to hear more about Torchwood. How could there be so many fans for a series that hadn’t even aired yet? Easy. Die-hard Who fans had downloaded the streams from their UK friends rather than wait a year for the show to pop up on BBCAmerica.

Studios – you can grumble about uploaders all you like, but in this case, they helped create a fandom where there was none before.

Here’s my interview with Chris Chibnall and Noel Clarke:

You can read my finished article here: Torchwood Revealed: Chris Chibnall & Noel Clarke

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