Animaniacs Volume 4 DVD Is Totally Insaney

animaniacs dvdCome join the Warner Brothers, and the Warner Sister, Dot
Just for fun you’ll see them run around the Warner movie lot.
You can lock them in the tower whenever they get caught
But they’ll break loose and then vamoose, and now you know the plot!

They’re Animaniacs and they’re zany to the max. So sit back and relax, ignore the baloney in their slacks – this DVD is crazy, it’s totally insaney, it’s fun but also brainy. . . it’s Animaniacs. . . Volume 4 on DVD!

This cartoon may have been created for kids but adults will get an even bigger kick out of this witty whack at pop culture.

Steven Spielberg (yes, that one) was the executive producer on the show and rumor has it, he was instrumental in the decision to make the cartoon. . . instrumental. Each episode contains at least one original tune. They even had a full orchestra and a team of composers. How many cartoons can make that claim?

Animaniacs, Vol. 4 contains 24 episodes, including the end of Season 3 and all of the episodes from Season 4 and 5. Sadly, there are no special features and the packaging is flimsy, but you won’t care once you start popping these episodes like peanuts.

In addition to Wakko, Yakko and Dot, you’ll also get plenty of Pinky and Brain, Buttons and Mindy, and Slappy the squirrel. And don’t forget to pay your respects to mob pigeons Bobby, Pesto and Squit, aka The Goodfeathers.

You’ll also get one of my favorite episodes, “Cutie and the Beast.” This parody of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is perfect down to the saccharine sweet opening number. Looney Tunes favorite, the Tasmanian Devil handles the roll of the beast but he has his hands full when the Warner siblings show up at the castle. Dot has the hots which leads her brothers to let loose with a rousing rendition of “We are Pests. We are Pests! We are Pests!” (Think it through, you’ll get it.)

That’s followed by more witty word play when “The First Noel” becomes no well, know whale and no well.

In addition to being brilliantly scripted, Animaniacs is also plain old funny.

Finish your collection or start collecting backwards! (Yakko will love you for it), pick up Animaniacs, Vol. 4 today!

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