A Very SciFi Weekend

Knight-Rider-01 It was a SciFi Weekend at my house as I cleared three episodes of “Stargate Atlantis” off the DVR.  The first two were easy skims, sadly I’m not fond of this new trick they have of breaking up the team in order to get more shows filmed in a timely manner.  John goes home for a funeral and finds a replicator or two — boring.  And McKay is trapped in a mine with the ladies of Atlantis — yawn.

I stopped yawning when Christopher Judge stepped out of the Stargate and took up sparring with the luscious Ronan Dex.  What a match-up!  But then the Wraith took over the Midway station and some of them got to Earth and Sheppard almost died and Rodney was sad and it was great stuff.  The best episode in weeks! 

Torchwood was new on Saturday, a creepy twist on the “To Serve Man” concept with earthlings chopping up an alien for sale to meat markets!  Follow that with the news of a huge beef recall here in California and well. . .suffice to say I won’t be having hamburgers for lunch!   It was also the episode where Rhys finds out what Gwen does for a living and oh, did I mention Ianto escapes from bondage to initiate the final strike that saves the team?  Well, he does.  Good for him. 

Sunday was the return of Knight Rider (and how funny that it followed retro remake “American Gladiators”) or more accurately, the same old Knight Rider.  There was nothing at all new here!  If I’d been flipping channel I might have thought I’d stumbled on the original 80’s series.  Cutesy dialogue, flat characters, bad special effects and sadly Val Kilmer didn’t cut it at all as the voice of KITT.  And what was with the lady cop being shown as a lesbian right off the bat — not that I object to having a variety of types on TV but it was so forced.  So, ‘look how titillating and brave’ we are.  Not.  Watch Torchwood, NBC and learn how its done.

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