A Boy and His Sheep

Make Me A Supermodel TV Series “Make Me a Supermodel” is getting seriously weird. Not that Tyra doesn’t have her girls do strange photoshoots but they always have an element of class. But last night’s runway with an animal friend was just annoying. Jackie got to walk with a trained poodle while Perry had a wild pig on his hands (and they were oddly attached to each other.) Goats, peacocks, ducks. . .

“I’m sorry but the way you handled your sheep on the catwalk means we cannot make you a supermodel. Pack your bags and go. The sheep can stay.”

Wait, isn’t sheep plural? Two sheep, one . . . ship? (Oh noes, I am reminded of that old Mary Kate and Ashley song. . . One Buffalo, Two Buffali?)

Or maybe it was all a bad dream after staying up too late to watch Supernatural TWICE. Excellent episode and you can hear me rave about it over in the TV Review section. Here, let me help you find the LINK!

Finally, it was the first eliminations on “American Idol” and I got three out of four right in the pool I’m playing with FanLib. Funny thing is, I don’t remember marking down Garrett as one of the first to leave. I picked before I saw them perform so maybe I cursed him. I didn’t think he was going to win but I thought he’d stick around awhile. But mostly I was unhappy with the way he was dismissed. It was so out of left field that the poor kid was stunned. What happened to, it’s down to two of you and one of you is going home?

This isn’t “Moment of Truth” guys, let these poor kids down with some warning next time.

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