5 Vintage game shows you need to watch on BUZZR

Family Feud

“Name something you didn’t realize you missed until you saw it again. . . ”

“Richard, I’m going to say, old game shows.” DING DING DING!

From the hip clothes and retro prizes, to the double entendres and forgotten celebs — there is no better way to pass the time while you’re waiting for your favorite series to get ahead on the DVR than by watching a 70’s game show.

Have some time to kill? Check out my top 5 favorites now airing on BUZZR.

1. Tattletales

This was one of my favorites as a teen because it gave me an inside look into the daily lives of the stars I loved. Three celebrity couples respond to open ended questions, then try to get their spouse to match their story with only a one word clue.

It happened on a bus led Alejandro Rey to tell a story about being pick-pocketed in Russia. A story about an animal? That’s James Brolin going to bed with a cougar (and I don’t mean an older woman!) Funny and revealing; you’ll get a bigger kick if you’re old enough to recognize the stars. I’m still waiting for my all-time faves Lynda and Christopher George. I hope they’re coming up soon.

2. Let’s Make a Deal

This game show was the precursor to the modern prank show. Contestants are required to appear in a silly costume and if they’re not careful they trade away a marvelous prize for a broken down donkey cart or 200 cans of sardines.

The best reason to watch this show is to see the prizes and hear the prices; like a modern portable 8-Track player (valued at $87!) and an incredible living room set made of white molded plastic! (That was a good thing.) When you watch Let’s Make a Deal, you really see how far we’ve come.

3. Press Your Luck

WhammyThis novel game show used modern animation and a high-tech game board to keep viewers hanging on round after round. The playing field was kind of like a Monopoly board with dollar amounts and prizes in most of the squares. But other squares have Whammies; evil little creatures that swoop in and steal all the money you’ve won. After only a few airings, both the players and the home audience got used to chanting, “No whammies, big bucks” over and over before smacking the plunger to stop the board. Today, people still remember that mantra even if they can’t remember the name of the show.

4. The Match Game

This 70’s favorite asks contestants to fill in the blank with a word they hope will match a panel of six celebs. Richard Dawson was old Mr. Reliable in the bottom row. Brett Summers and Charlies Nelson Reilly ruled the top level while TV actors from current shows filled the remaining three slots.

Almost every question was designed to illicit a naughty sounding answer. And you can’t help but laugh when the contestants fold under the pressure and miss the obvious response.

5. The Family Feud

Richard Dawson began his reign on The Match Game but he became the king of the game show scene when he was cast as the host of The Family Feud. Between his charming accent, his sarcasm and his direct to camera winks, Dawson was the game show host with the most and I still love watching him.

On The Family Feud, families must work together to find the most popular answers to a survey question. Gather your own family and play along at home. And don’t be misled by the crazy, updated version of this series. The original is still the best.

What’s your favorite old game show? And who is your favorite game show host?


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