5 Reasons to Love SMASH

NBC just picked up a second season of their smash hit new series SMASH. The series follows a group of  people who are involved in creating a new Broadway musical. The musical is about the life of Marilyn Monroe but putting on the production is no less complicated than the woman herself.

Haven’t been watching? Here are 5 Reasons to Love SMASH

1. It’s about Broadway. The Great White Way. The place where dreams come true and every night is grand spectacle. There’s no beating that.

2. It’s a modernized version of the classic 42nd Street story. Small town girl (Katharine McPhee) with the drive and a dream takes on chorus girl pro (Megan Hilty) determined to snag a lead for once. It’s naive and untrained against jaded and experienced. They each represent Marilyn at a different stage in her life, but who has what it takes to make the show a smash? That is the big question.

3. Anjelica Huston! Anjelica’s character Eileen has spent most of her life as part of a team. But when a divorce breaks up the team, she’s determined to make it on her own as a producer. Not so easy when he gets the money and the connections but Eileen is a tough cookie and she’s not afraid of hard work. She brilliantly forges forward, never giving up her convictions, even it it means stooping to levels she’s never seen before. A true inspiration to any woman who ever found herself stuck in the shadow of a man.

4. People do things that make you uncomfortable. This may seem counter intuitive but it’s those squirmy moments that make SMASH something really special. Like when an assistant decides to play both sides for his own gain. A writer who finds her inspiration in a man who isn’t her husband and is it bad to sleep with the director if you actually have feelings for him? Face it, bad decisions make good drama and you’ll see plenty of them every week on SMASH.

5. It’s a musical. A musical in a musical, even. Not only do they sing their feelings when they’re alone, but they also perform staged musical numbers with dancers and everything. On stage or off, it works because SMASH has some incredible singers and songwriters working on the show. Yes, they do reinterpret famous pop songs like that other musical show, but they also deliver exciting, original numbers that you’ll  have in your head for the rest of the week. “The Twentieth Century Fox Mambo,” “Let Me Be Your Star,” “History is Made at Night.,” you’ll believe these songs were written for the next big Broadway hit. And of course, they’re all available for download on iTunes after each episode.

Here’s what I mean:

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