5 Random Thoughts About The Following Season 2

The Following Cast S2The Following is back on Fox and even though I spent most of the first season complaining about how stupid the show was, I’m on board for another season.

Actually, it wasn’t the show that was stupid – it was every member of every law enforcement unit across the whole United States. Seriously, Joe Carroll’s cult would have been caught the second week if it wasn’t for sloppy police / FBI / sheriff / CIA / Boy Scouts work.

Now that we have a few second season episodes under our belts, I have 5 random thoughts I’d like to discuss.

Beware, there be SPOILERS ahead!

201_Ressurection-2_8-27_02541. The Creepy / Cool Twins

This season’s big bad isn’t Joe Carroll, it’s a pair of creepy twins who are trying to draw Carroll into the open because they have daddy issues. The intro to the character (s) was brilliant. I caught on pretty quickly that there were two of them in Heather’s apartment but once I realized they were twins, I clapped my hands with maniacal glee. Ryan even refers to them as twins but are they? Sure, they dress alike and they have similar hair and general physique but they aren’t identical. . . are they?

Turns out they’re not just twins, they’re actually both played by the same actor, Sam Underwood! Now this seems unnecessarily complicated. The producers really couldn’t find a pair of twins who could handle this part?

Favorite bit so far? When Luke or Mark asked to hug it out with Carlos. No way, baby! Stay far away from me!

2. Max the Niece

Apparently Ryan’s been working with his niece trying to track down the cult member and maybe Carroll. Where’d that come from? Why make her a relative? This has to become a significant fact in a later episode, otherwise why bother making her a family member?

202_For_Joe_1_9-10_08173. And speaking of the women in Ryan’s life. . .

After what happened to Claire and Agent Parker you’d think Ryan would be reluctant to even look at another woman. But Lily comes along and he’s all over her. Even if it’s all about the cult, you’d think he’d know by now that just being around this woman puts her in danger. . . . except that. . . I  don’t think it was an accident that she survived the subway attack. I think (and hope) there’s a twist coming up.

4. Mike Weston needs more airtime.

Shawn Ashmore’s character was my favorite in Season One and I’m glad to see he’s back. I just wish they’d give him more screen time.  I get that he’s angry with Ryan and Kevin Bacon is the star of the show, but every time Ryan enters the room, Mike goes storming out. I also love Shawn because of his Twitter profile.

shawn twitter

5. Joe Carroll is alive and well and living as a redneck

If you’re a famous serial killer and cult leader and you just stabbed the clergyman who came by to sleep with your prostitute girlfriend, you might just be a redneck.

The only saving grace of this entire storyline is that Judy and her daughter know Joe’s real identity. Turns out it’s one of those prison romance things and at first, I thought Joe was having a thing with the daughter but thankfully that doesn’t appear to be so. What he does have is this strange fatherly bond with the girl which I’m thinking will also lead to trouble down the road. Doesn’t seem right that they would introduce these two characters then just toss them aside when Joe decides to reclaim his place as king of the cult.

Hmm. . . Mandy said mom was going to be mad when she saw the dead body in the living room. Can’t blame her, blood is so hard to get out of the carpet. My guess, mom is going to feel cold steel and Mandy is going to go on the run with Joe.

And we didn’t even discuss Ryan’s wall-o-crazy, his unwillingness to share information with the FBI, the new milquetoast agent Tiffany Boone or Emma’s new look.


Oh yeah, The Following is back and I’m already hooked. Are you?

The show airs Monday nights at 9 in Sleepy Hollow’s old time slot on Fox, right after my other favorite new show Almost Human.


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