5 Minute TV Review: King & Maxwell

king and maxwellSean King and Michelle Maxwell are ex-Secret Service agents working as private investigators in the Washington, D.C.. They both had some trouble in their former jobs (King’s protectee was assassinated, Maxwell’s was kidnapped) but they’re determined to make a go of this new career.

In order to be cute Michelle (Rebecca Romijn) is the brawn in the team, King (Jon Tenney) is the brains. They bicker like an old married couple but there is the requisite “will they, won’t they” chemistry between them because this is, after all, a male – female buddy show. It’s a modern version of Moonlighting and that’s where I have a problem.

The pilot episode of King & Maxwell deals with a serial killer, an autistic savant and the murder of King’s friend who was representing the young man. High drama, right? But the episode begins with the two of them causing havoc in the city as they chase down a man in a beaver suit who turns out to be a furry. The witty jokes fly in the face of danger and they continue through to the end when they almost get killed because the partners don’t communicate very well.

I suppose they were shooting for the tone of Rizzoli & Isles, but they missed it. That show manages to be funny, dramatic and emotional all in the same episode. I really wanted to like this show because I’m a fan of Jon Tenney. I came to love him in the TV version of The Dirty Dozen and followed him through The Closer and on to Major Crimes (Jon says he’ll be back on there before the season is over.) At this point, he’s the only reason I’ll give King & Maxwell another shot. Pilots are tough. I’m hoping they’ll fix the tone in the next episode so I can add this to my favorites list.

Did you watch and if so, did you like it?

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