The CW’s Cult Pays Homage to Fandom in Their Own Freaky, Deeky Way


“Well, hey, these things just break right off!”

Standing alone like that, the phrase isn’t very dramatic or intimidating, but tucked inside of The CW’s latest creep-show, it makes the hair on your arms stand up.

Cult premiered last night and I have a huge bag of mixed feelings about the show which I’ll try to work out with you, right here and now.

Cult 101

Cult is a show about a show called Cult. And if you’re confused by that, then you might as well give up now because it only gets worse.

Alona Tal (Jo from Supernatural) plays actress Marti Gerritsen who plays Kelly on a TV show called Cult. On the “show,” she’s a police officer who’s gone a little rogue in order to find her missing sister and nephew. Both were either abducted, or seductively lured away by hypnotic cult leader Billy Grimm who is played by Roger Reeves, who is played by Robert Knepper of Prison Break.

(Still with me?)

Stay with me. . . read the rest of this review at Unreality TV.

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