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Fun in the Kitchen with Food Network Apps

Want to know the secret to juicy hamburgers or how to make cupcakes that will bowl them over at the bake sale? Food Network has the answers, and it’s sharing them with you in four new apps for your iPad and iPhone. From budget buffets to extreme cakes that light up and spin, download these apps and soon you’ll be an expert on everything edible.

Food Network Cupcakes for iPad

Price: $2.99

If you like your cupcakes with personality, you need the new Food Network Cupcakes! app. It contains more than 100 cool cupcake and frosting recipes from the celebrity chefs and the bakers from the TV series Cupcake Wars.

It begins with the basics, then you’ll learn how to turn those plain cakes into whimsical works of art. Imagine biting into a lime cupcake with a whole strawberry in the middle or arriving at your child’s school with a box of caterpillar cupcakes. All the instructions are here; all you need is a little patience and practice to execute them.

The app is beautifully photographed, and under the glitz is a powerhouse that includes instructional videos and even a color mixing widget that will tell you how to create frosting that matches your party dress. Once you download this app, you’ll never eat store-bought cupcakes again.

Food Network On TV for iPhone or iPad

Price: Free

Keep up with what’s happening on Food Network with this official TV app. Watch exclusive video clips, full-length episodes of the shows such as Good Eats and Barefoot Contessa, and peruse the behind-the-scenes photo gallery. The quick access schedule shows you what’s on, and the FN Dish blog and Twitter feed will keep you up on the latest foodie gossip.

Food Network on TV does contain a few recipes, but if you want to cook like the stars, you’ll need to download the network’s brand new app, Food Network in the Kitchen.

Food Network Magazine digital subscriptions

Price:  $1.99 a month on iPhone or iPad, Kindle Fire, or Nook

$19.99 a year on iPhone or iPad

Food Network Magazine is a full-color, glossy print version of what you see on the network. It’s loaded with seasonal recipes and cooking tips from the celebrity chefs, covering everything from simple side dishes to complex deserts. Always fun and imaginative, it’s an excellent magazine for anyone who loves cooking or baking.

Food Network does offer digital versions of the magazine, but it’s not included in the cost of a print subscription. If you opt to go digital, you’ll get the same magazine you buy on the newsstands, and that can be a problem. This isn’t just a reading magazine — it’s a tool you can use in the kitchen. But some readers say it’s difficult to enlarge the print properly on smaller devices.

All devices offer a single issue option for only $1.99, so why not give it a try?

Food Network in the Kitchen for iPhone or iPad

Price: $1.99

The Food Network stars put their best recipes forward in this well-designed app that will take the boredom out of your meals. Though it is available for the iPhone, it’s really better suited to the iPad because it’s made to be an all-in-one kitchen helper.

The app opens to a set of sliding screens, chefs, collections, and entertaining guide. Each screen has a photo grid to help you navigate. Choose your favorite chef, ingredient, or type of menu item, and you’ll be presented with another grid of recipe choices.

From there, you have several options. You can choose up to three recipes to compare side by side. You can make notes on a recipe and save it in your online Food Network recipe box, and you can add the ingredients to a shopping list. The shopping list can be broken down by recipe, which is a big help if you can’t find a major ingredient at the store.

The app also features a multi-timer in the tool section that lets you time up to five different items at one time. That alone is worth the price of the app. Best of all, Food Network in the Kitchen’s search engine has a filter for cooking times, for those days when you need to prepare a delicious meal in less than 30 minutes.

Even though this is a paid app, it does include advertising. On the iPad, however, the ads are linked to tiny logos on some recipes, and many offer a coupon in return for viewing — so don’t fear them, click them.

Now you’re cooking!

When it comes to the culinary arts, Food Network is a shining star. It’s found a way to appeal to both the novice cook and the experienced chef, doing so with style, imagination, and simplicity. From Guy Fieri’s Pig Patty Burger to Paula Deen’s Catfish Tacos, these apps will have you cooking like a celebrity chef in no time.

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