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Top Ghost Hunting Apps 2012

Too old for trick or treat? Why not spend this Halloween ghost hunting! Bypass those amusement parks and theatrical attractions and check out your city’s haunted hospitals, homes, and cemeteries. You can download all the equipment you need right to your mobile phone, including an app that will pinpoint the hottest haunt spots, each guaranteed to send shivers up your spine.

Before setting out on your first ghost hunt, you need to arm yourself with the latest equipment. You could spend thousands of dollars on EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recorders, EMF (electromagnetic field) meters, and full-spectrum cameras… or you can download a mobile phone app that does it all.

Ghost Hunter Pro

Price: $3.99

Download: Ghost Hunter Pro for iPhone

Tapfuze has combined EVP, EMF, and video recording into one app, so you’ll always have what you need in the palm of your hand. The navigation screens are big and basic, making them easy to use in the dim recesses of a haunted house.

Use the EMF reader to tell you when ghosts are at hand, then switch to EVP mode and start recording. The app allows you to label and save your recordings then export them via iTunes file sharing. Video recording is as easy as double-tapping the screen. Note that in order to access all of the features, your phone must meet the stated requirements, so be sure to review them before downloading.

 Ghost Detector Pro

Price: Free, $0.99 to remove ads

Download: Ghost Detector Pro

In spite of the name, iTalk to the Dead is more about detecting ghosts than actually communicating with them. The app has four variables that you can adjust while using your phone’s camera to scan an area: EMF, EVP, gain, and spectrum, which allows you to view the world through green-, red-, or blue-tinted glasses. Once activated, the app plays a continuous stream of sci-fi beeps that are interrupted by static and hushed whispers. Could be ghosts trying to make contact… or just a programmed effect designed to creep and annoy.

The big downside to this app is the abundance of ads, some of which are so close to the buttons you can’t help but click them. Pay $0.99 and you can send those ads back to the netherworld where they belong.

Ghost Radar Legacy

Price: .99

Download: Ghost Radar for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows 7

Ghost Radar is designed not only to pick up paranormal activity, but to translate that activity into meaningful speech. It does this by measuring and interpreting anomalous changes in the quantum flux. Spud Pickles, the creators of the app, say that its method beats EMF because electromagnetic fields are all over the place, so conventional equipment can be fooled into thinking it’s supernatural when it’s not.

The app consists of a radar screen with a scattering of ever-changing numbers and letters all around. In the center of the field is a sweeping radar arm. When an anomaly is detected, it shows up as a color-coded blip on the screen. A red dot means the signal is strong, while blue means the entity is fading.

We tested the app in our own haunted home with interesting results. As predicted in the instructions, the device shouted out several words within the first minute of being activated: “breakfast,” “along,” “French,” “May,” and “Dad.” They say this is the app adjusting to the noise in the room. After that, the app went silent for five minutes. Then we tried an EVP session, where you ask questions of the spirits and try to evoke an emotional response. We asked the spirits what they wanted to say to the non-believers in the room. The spirits responded with one word: “Run.”

Come out, come out, wherever you are

Now that you’re all dressed up, it’s time to find a place to go. Here are a couple of apps that will point you in the right direction.

Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder

Price: $.99

Download: Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder for iPhone

This app is a companion to the Ghost Hunters series on Syfy. Though it’s called the Haunted House Finder, it also locates haunted restaurants, hotels, museums, exhibits, and other types of locations. Let the app show you the nearest haunts based on your GPS location or use the map to choose your own. You can also search by type or scroll through a list of top picks according to user reviews.

Choose a location and you’re presented with the address, phone number, website, and any entry fee. Expand the listing for a short history of the site, including reported paranormal activity. Below that, you’ll find out more about what happened when the Ghost Hunters conducted its investigation.

The app is clear and easy to navigate, but since it only lists spots that have been visited by the Ghost Hunters, it contains only the most well-known hot spots.

More Ghost Hunting Help

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