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Dark Shadows: Become a Collins with Real Make-Up and Virtual Apps

I’ve seen all kinds of movie tie-in products in my life but this one is to die for. Inspired by the new movie Dark Shadows, it’s the Crimson Amulet Make-up Collection by NYX Cosmetics

LIMITED EDITION! Captivate and mesmerize with your beauty using the Crimson Amulet collection. This palette inspired by the film “Dark Shadows” comprises of 24 matte and shimmery lush eye shadows, 5 intoxicating blushers, 1 luminous highlighter, 4 succulent lip colors, 1 HD Studio eye shadow base for a more intense eye shadow hue, and 1 extreme black liquid eye liner. Recreate the enticing female characters’ in Dark Shadows using the collection!

To complete the look, Orly has a collection of nail polishes with names like “Buried Alive” and “Decades of Dysfunction.”

Gotta love the sense of humor. You can buy the set online or at a local beauty supply store.

Once you’re all made up, pose for a portrait and become part of the Collins family gallery. You can also check out the Collins Family Tree and if you’re really in a mood, use Angelique’s Curse Generator to put a whammy on that guy who done you wrong.

Finally, to help you get into the mood, you can preview Danny Elfman’s mischievous score at AOL Music.

Dark Shadows opens in theaters on May 11.


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