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House MD Critical Condition on Facebook

Paging Dr. House. Paging Dr. House. You’re wanted on Facebook, STAT!

NBC Universal has just released a brand-new Facebook game based on the TV series House. The game is called House, M.D.: Critical Cases. The object of the game is properly diagnose your patients and treat them so they don’t die. As you work, you’ll have plenty of input from the staff at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital and but you’ll also have to endure constant badgering from House himself.

The game begins with your first patient. He falls ill, then an ambulance brings him to the hospital. At that point it’s your job to begin the examination and start tossing around possibly answers with your colleagues.

Sometimes it will help if you visit the patient’s place of residence so you can look for clues.

Back at the hospital, you begin to treat the patient, but if you make a mistake, look out! My patient went into cardiac arrest. I called for a crash card, charged the defib machine and managed to pull him through but it was close! From there, you can order other tests (each is its own skill game) and continue treating the patient. But as you can imagine, all of this work costs money so you have to keep performing tests in order to increase the budget.

In addition to saving patients, you can also manage your own hospital and hire your friends to work for you. If you really get stuck you can always call on Dr. House for help. . . but don’t count on getting any.

If you love playing doctor, check out House, M.D.: Critical Cases on Facebook. If you’re going to spend your spare time on games, you might as well learn something!


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