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Warehouse 13 Agent Profile Creator

Do you have what it takes to be a Warehouse agent? Well, this cute app from Syfy won’t really help you find out, but it will create the proper credentials.

Warehouse Agent Profile Creator

Price: Free

As it is with all things Warehouse 13, the app is done in steampunk style with gold metal corners and gears against a worn, brown leather background.

The app is divided into two parts, Agent Profiles and Your Agent ID. In the top half, you can flip through the profiles of both the characters from the show and fans. Choose from Warehouse 11 – the Russian Empire (1725-1830), Warehouse 12 – British Empire (1830-1914) or Warehouse 13 – United States (1914 – present).

To create your own ID, simply choose an era (this determines the style of the final graphic), add a name and photo, then fill in the blanks from series of drop-down menus.

Choices include Origin (CIA, Secret Service, NASA), Specialty (Game Theory, Parapsychology, Archeology, Demolition), Supervisor (Artie Nielsen, Robert Openheimer, J. Edgar Hoover), and Skills (Bronze Sector, Artifact Storage, Dark Vault).

Finally, you’ll be asked to choose you object expertise. These show up as icons and include items such as Tesla Gun, Boomerang Football, Elvis Presley’s Hip Bone and Harry Houdini’s Wallet.

When you’re done, submit your ID to the Warehouse processing center and after it’s reviewed, it will be added to the current profiles on the app.

Here’s mine:

Cool or Not?

If you’re a fan of the series, the Warehouse Agent Profile Creator is fun for about 15 minutes. The problem is, once you’ve created your ID, there’s nothing more to do.

On the upside, it looks great, the graphics are excellent and it’s a great way to pay homage to the show. . . and it’s free. So why not add your Agent Profile to the pack.


If you’re really a Warehouse 13 fan, you need the Farnsworth Video Communication app. It’s brand new and I’ll have a review for you very soon.

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