Leverage Returns with a Ho Ho Ho

It may be Christmas time in the city but for the Leverage crew it’s a time to leave town for separate vacations. Their plans change, however, when Santa asks them to help save his reputation. Not even Scrooge Ford (Timothy Hutton) can say no to Santa, not while Parker is there believing in the holiday magic. Turns out Santa got fired from his job at the mall when the mall manager (Dave Foley) found a liquor bottle in his locker. But the charges were trumped up and upon investigation the team finds out that all of the regular Santas have been replaced with men of questionable morals. No one knows what the men have planned but they do know it’s not a turkey dinner for the homeless. These Grinches are planning on stealing Christmas and it’s up to Nate and his crew to stop them.

The Ho Ho Ho Job is a joyously funny episode that has Eliot (Christian Kane) undercover as a disgruntled Santa while Parker frolics gleefully as his trusty sidekick elf. Beth Riesgraf steals much of the episode with her childlike wonder and insistence on having a magical Christmas. In traditional Leverage style, there are plenty of twists and turnabouts in this one including a surprise visit from an old “friend.”

Oh by gosh, by golly, it’s time for Hardison (Aldis Hodge) hacks and holly. Sophie’s (Gina Bellman) grifting while snow flakes are drifting and Nate works on plan B and C.  It’s Leverage: The Ho Ho Ho Job and it airs on Dec 12. December 19th TNT will present the two-hour season finale. It’s definitely the most action-packed gift you’ll get this Christmas season.

Santa snuck by on me, @EdwinHodge, and @jasonmanns who's... on TwitpicTwitter Folks: check out Aldis Hodge’s TwitPics for photos of he, his brother and Jason Manns sending out some holiday cheer for those less fortunate.

Photo: Karen Neal / TNT

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