Supernatural LA Con Reports

DSC00801 Ribbing Jensen comes easily off his tongue as a fan asks about how he’d play a body swap episode and soon Jensen has a chance to fight back as he cuts Jared off with a mock-disgusted “enough already.” The boys swap places (not bodies) and the current shifts a little. Jensen’s a tad more reserved than Jared, but it’s the kind of subtly that makes you want to lean forward in your chair and listen more closely. He doesn’t have to work at being funny or charming, he pulls people in without any effort at all. He talks about music and how being surrounded by the likes of Steve Carlson keeps him humble. He talks about being afraid of clowns and gutters and dolls with no eyes and really playing the piano in Dark Angel. He’s answering plenty of questions but I’m not sure anyone is listening to the actual words, just the sound of his voice. The craziest thing he’s ever done? This, of course.

Then Jared returns to the stage and there’s this odd little moment where the two of them lean in close to each other and talk, laugh, all out of mic range. Then, it’s as if they remember where they are — realize there’s a room full of fans hanging on their every word — Jensen leans back and says they were talking in code and you know that this is something they do every day on the set. Like real brothers, finishing each other’s sentences. It feels kind of ‘intimate’ and the tone shifts again, but just for a second.

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