Guess Who

“We don’t know life or want life without the other, so we make it work.”

That’s a quote from a sweet young actress / dancer who chatted with me today while babysitting her TV star boyfriend’s big dog. We talked about playing games, the most nerve-wracking performance she ever put in, Johnny Depp and love, love, love.

Can you guess who I interviewed this week? Leave your guesses in the comments and come back next week to see if you were right.

I also have one more this week, a hot young actor who gave me this quote:

“I would walk into the casino wearing two grand worth of bling and someone would come over and be like, ‘oh, there you guys are,’ and we’d look at each other and go, ‘wow the only place in the world where we could be wearing this and still blend in. . . Wait, is that woman dressed as a peacock?”

He’s starring in a major motion picture that opens this Friday. Can you guess who?


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