A Day at the Beach


No, I wasn’t at the beach but let’s all take a moment to appreciate the image of Mick St. John (aka Alex O’Loughlin) at the beach in an upcoming episode of Moonlight.


Now, then keeping with my beach theme, I also watched (though I’m not sure why) a 60’s surf movie called “Wild the Ride Surf.” My husband wanted to check it out because Barbara Eden was in the movie and she is “An Irwin,” meaning she once worked for Irwin Allen. Our dedication to the master of disaster necessitates that we watch at least a few minutes of any movie with “an Irwin” in the cast list and so I found myself watching this flick.

The best thing about 60’s surf movies are the fake surf close-ups. You know the ones, where the actors lean backwards then waggle their arms as if they’re trying to balance on a surfboard. They never look wet. They never look mussed and they certainly don’t look like they’re on the ocean, or even on the beach. But hey, all of the real footage of real surfers making it look easy, makes up for it (kind of). Terrible movie, by the way, with this strange Disney-documentary-esque voice overs and horrendous dialogue. “Oh look! Who is that, Augie?” “Oh, that’s Jody. He’s the best surfer in Malibu. But do you think he can make it here in Waikiki?” You know what made the Frankie and Annette surf movies work? They didn’t take themselves seriously, that’s why they’re still a joy to watch. This one, not so much.

Hey! Jared Padalecki may star in the new Friday the 13th movie, which is bad news for me because I’ll want to see it in the movies and I’m a chicken. Sadly, it also appears to be filming in Austin, Texas so I won’t even be able to cover it as a reporter. Grr.

I’m still on my “I’ve Got a Secret” binge and today was a real treat. They had Joe Ferko! Yeah, I know, 99% of you are going, who the heck is Joe Ferko? Ferko is one of the most famous Mummer’s from the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia. 50 straight years leading his band down Broad Street and he was about to do it again in 1964 when the show was taped. He brought his string band out on stage and he did the Mummer’s Strut. There are only a few things I miss about living in New Jersey and The Mummer’s Parade is one of them.

Oh dem golden slippers. . oh dem golden slippers. . .

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